Lenard De Guzman

Founder, Delegreat.

Lenard De Guzman is the founder of Delegreat. He spends most of his time managing daily operations in Los Angeles, California and overseeing projects being developed in Manila, Philippines. His primary role is creating strategic competitive advantages for clients that sign with his company. The idea of “Delegreat” happened when he was on vacation visiting family in Manila, Philippines in the summer of 2014. “I saw how the BPO industry was transforming our city and I wanted to be part of it. I knew with our deep contacts in Manila and Los Angeles we could make an impact in this space.”

Prior to founding Delegreat, Lenard was a corporate accountant. “I just couldn’t see myself pumping out spreadsheets and balancing financial statements in a tiny cubicle for 40 years. So one day I just walked out and never came back.” From the accounting experience, it was then that he got his first taste of outsourcing. “At my old job we would send 1000’s of financial spreadsheets to the Philippines to be processed and few hours later the documents were completed ready to be reviewed. I couldn’t believe it, but I knew this was the future.” Before experiencing the corporate world, Lenard graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a Bachelors in accounting.

Besides BPO, Lenard has a passion for tennis and finding a solution to dyslexia. “I find playing tennis therapeutic and fun. It helps me escape for a few hours and get through the hard times. As far as my dyslexia, I’ve learned my limitations with the disorder, at the same time, it gives me an advantage as well.”

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