Link Roundup: Top 2016 Brands with the Best Customer Service

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Some brands have taken customer service to an all time high and have set the bar for the rest of the world. Since these brands have set a good example, their practices in customer service are worth highlighting and noting. Here are some of this year’s customer service top performers:


Banking is one of the best industries that provide excellent customer care, and on top of the list of banks that provide such type of service is HSBC. The Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation takes its clients very seriously and are dedicated to making them feel secure online and offline.


Seamless is a food delivery service that provides mouthwatering and relevant posts on their social media sites apart from their excellent response to customer inquiries.


One of the pillars of stellar customer service, Nike is always known for listening to its customers. In fact, they are quick to act in current events, taking for example breaking contracts with athletes who fail to uphold their standards. Their non-compromising stance and firmness in listening to their customers’ feedback makes them stand out.

LL Bean

They have a record 30-second wait time for phone calls from customers. In an age of voice-recorded messages and canned music, this is really something that customers genuinely appreciate from LL Bean.

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Lush, a cosmetics brand made of all things handmade, is known for spoiling its customers with freebies and warm service. This makes them rank high this year in the customer service excellence list.

Body Shop

The L’Oreal owned skin care company manages its strong follower base really well on social media and are known for their memorable promotions.

Marks and Spencer

Despite a handful of bad press and complaints, Marks and Spencer exudes grace under pressure in handling difficult customers on their store. They really continue to convey the message that the customer is always right.

Genuinely caring for the customers, making customer service channels easily accessible, and building a strong presence online are just three of the many things that these successful brands have done to get to where they are.

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