Why Outsourcing Works? Geographic Arbitrage?

Comparing the cost of living in Los Angeles, California and Manila, Philippines. The cost of living in Los Angeles is about $3,000 per month while it is only about $300 in Manila per month. Taking that into consideration, business owners who are growing their business have more chances of acquiring more employees in the Philippines as compared when they hire employees in Los Angeles. There is a ratio of 10:1 in this case. This means that a business can acquire 9 Filipino workers as compared to only 1 American worker when they outsource operations.

Who We Are?

Delegreat is an outsourcing company aimed at streamlining the workload of rapidly-growing startups. We unlock growth via world-class customer support and back office solutions.

Outsourcing is the process of contracting of non primary business functions and activities to third party providers. Outsourced services take account of payroll, accounting, human resources, and call center or customer relations. It is otherwise known as ITES or “Information Technology Enabled Services”.

What We Do?

The categories included in outsourced services are back office customer solutions like tech support and executive research. Here are some advantages you can enjoy when you employ such service to your business:

  • Business process efficiency and speed are improved.
  • Employees can invest more in terms of time in their core business techniques in order to strengthen competitive advantages as well as boost value when it comes to chain management.
  • Organizational growth boosts when the capital resource as well as the asset costs are not needed, which prevents tricky investment returns.
  • Organizations are also not necessary in order to make investments in disparate primary business approach assets, assisting a shift in terms of focus to target certain competencies.

Hence, the risks included in outsourcing are breaches of data privacy, over-dependence on companies, and underestimated running overheads. Excellent outsourcing companies operate with superior back-office solutions and customer care to promote their elite and most innovative brands.

What time will I have access to my team in PH?

As a Delegreat client you’ll be able to communicate via calls and emails with your project manager and VA from 5am – 5pm PST.