7 Tips in Outsourcing Customer Support


Customer support is probably the most common type of service businesses outsource these days. The reason for such can be attributed mainly to cost-cutting and at times, better productivity. However, choosing the right BPO company can be quite tricky as they’re not “one size fits all”. So if you’re planning on jumping on the bandwagon, here are some tips to consider:

#1: Know When to Outsource

Don’t do it just because others are into it. Before you jump in, it’s always best to realize your reasons for outsourcing your customer support. Reducing overhead could be one of the usual reasons, but you need to look at specific situations such as below. If you can relate to some, if not all of these, then it’s time to call back up—customer support service that is:

+ The volume of customers is more than what your people can handle

+ Your customers require services that you can’t provide with your current resources

+ Creating a department that will solely manage customers will cost you a fortune

+ You spend more time dealing with customers than focusing on production and development of your products or services

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#2: Assess Your Needs

There are different methods of customer service like email, SMS, live chat, social media, call centers, etc. What works for other businesses might not work for you, and getting everything would only be a waste of time and money. For example, a company who restores and sells vintage luxury watches chooses call center and SMS services while opting out and live chat and email because majority of their clients prefer the traditional telephone over the Internet. Make sure the services you outsource are according to your needs.


# 3: Get the Right Partner to Do the Job

Once you were able to get a better grasp of what type/s of customer support your business requires, look for an outsourcing provider that specialize on those. Your image and brand is important so get a partner that would fit into your organization as a whole. Don’t just hire a team who says they can do it. Instead, get staff who will adhere to your company’s core values as well.

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# 4: Don’t Take for Granted Social Media

Most businesses and outsourcing companies fail in this part. Not because customers resort to the Internet or social media, their concerns are no longer as urgent as phone-based inquiries. Customers often feel neglected when their issues are not being addressed in a timely manner. So when choosing a customer service provider, be sure to pick one who is effective in handling social media too.

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# 5: Consider Location

Depending on the nature of your business and again, based on the requirements you have identified, you’ll be able to know whether what you need is local or offshore. Also, since language barrier could be frustrating, you can opt for a call center in the US but countries India and the Philippines could also be your options.


# 6: Pay Attention to Contract

Be sure to read service level agreements, policies, security and privacy measures; and don’t hesitate to suggest alterations or additions you need. It is ideal to get an attorney to review contract and other related paperwork to assure that you are not on the losing end. Also, it is important that your contract allows you to terminate subscription for service when certain unfavorable conditions occur.


#7: Check the Cost

Are you settling for basic service or can you afford to pay premium? Again, don’t get

something where you will not benefit from. Checking the cost is vital as it is important to spend wisely and get your money’s worth. Talk to your outsourcing provider about hidden charges and make sure you don’t get any.

Let these seven simple hacks guide you to make outsourcing customer support a little less complicated. Also, we invite you to discuss with us your customer support needs.


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