30 Customer Service Tips from the Experts

Customer service can propel your business towards success or sink it to failure. As such, its importance can never be underestimated anytime. And in any customer service provision, there is always room for improvement. Here are some expert tips on customer service that you can try:

1. Find ways to answer immediately or quickly. If you can afford a 24-hour service, do it. Prompt replies to customers’ requests or complaints is the number one expert tip on customer service success. Providing late solutions leaves a bad taste in the customer’s mouth; make sure that you provide timely and prompt solutions to the problems presented by the customer.

2. Make it as welcoming as possible for your customer. A carefully thought of landing page, contact form, and other avenues for contacting support is a good way to facilitate a good customer service interaction.

3. Practice humility through sincere apologies. There will be no perfect businesses or operations. As such, humility through sincere apologies and a genuine desire to fix things and take good care of the customer is gold.

4. Be memorable to your customers, in a good way. There are many customer service providers to customers, in general. Make an effort to be memorable in a good way.

5. Go the extra mile and be extremely helpful. Do not just take things at face value. Always find ways to go the extra mile and your customers will love you for it.

6. Make customers feel like they are the priority. Even if the line is queueing and you have 6 customers, make the customer feel like he or she is the only one at the time of handling the interaction.

7. Listen closely and actively. Active and close listening skills are key ingredients to empathizing well with the customer and addressing their needs accurately.

8. Maintain a good reputation. It is very important to maintain a good reputation because once it’s soiled, it can be quite hard to regain trust again.

9. Genuinely care for your customers. Not all customer care agents convey empathy and genuine concern. Make sure that your team has a real commitment and concern for the people that they are serving.

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10. Be like the Ritz Carlton. This famous hotel is known for providing as much as $2,000 in their policy per employee to fix customer problems. One popular tale is that of the staff who flew all the way to Hawaii just to deliver a laptop that the customer left behind.

11. Enlist the entire group’s participation to the goal of becoming excellent customer care providers. It’s not just the customer service department’s job to adapt a serving and customer-centric attitude. It should be everyone’s priority.

12. Have a personal touch. Mechanical spiels are a thing of the past. Make it as personalized or customized as possible even with automation.

13. Be concise but complete in solving problems. Keep it short for some customers have a short fuse or short window of time to make a call. Make sure that even if you address it quickly, you are not able to sacrifice the quality of your service.

14. Learn from your unhappy customers. This is one of Bill Gates’ most quotable pieces of advice on handling customers: ”Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

15. Find multiple ways for customers to reach you. Social media, email, telephone, snail mail, or even face to face visits are all good ways to help customers reach out to you. Make all these options available to them for their convenience.

16. It’s building relationships over counting sales. Sales figures are important but it’s the relationships that you build with your customers that make a lasting mark.

17. Harness the power of your customer metrics. Make sure that you are studying the metrics of your customers. Their data is a gold mine.

18. Value retention as well as acquisition. Employ all means to keep customers aside from adding new ones.

19. Make customer care innate across all your teams. Make caring for customers as organic or native to all of your company’s teams, wherever possible.

20. Know your products and services like the back of your hand. Product knowledge will aid you in coming up with fast and efficient solutions to customer problems.

21. Make it a priority not to spoonfeed customers with what you think they need. If you already stuff your customers with your pre-conceived ideas, they will feel strong armed and not listened to.

22. Reach out to the customer’s head and heart, wherever possible. Apply both logic and empathy. Some customers like the logical approach while the others want empathy and appeal to their emotions.

23. No matter how intense the situation or complaint, maintain composure, calmness, and kindness in your tone. The customer is always right.

24. Get constant feedback from your customers and encourage it. Encouraging feedback will always ensure that you learn something new about your business and how to improve it.

25. Be on guard and prudent against sensitive topics. Some sensitive topics like gender, religion, privacy issues, and other equally sensitive topics need to be handled discreetly and delicately by a customer service agent.

26. Go on preventive measures. Having your customers enjoy stellar service without reason to complain is better than addressing a complaint perfectly.

27. Always find ways to improve the service. Until you hit 100% on your metrics, you need to stay hungry for improvement and change.

28. Keep the team dynamic and with open lines of communication. The synergy of your team will strengthen it and make it solid enough to address all your customers’ needs and your targets for service.

29. Use the power of technology to accelerate your customer service initiatives. Do not be afraid to use new tools and technologies to improve the service. Automate as much as possible but keep it personal.

30. Maintain positivity.

Ultimately, all these tips center on the genuine care for customers. Applying these tips will make sure that your customer service team is in top shape and ready for whatever challenge is thrown their way.

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30 Customer Service Tips from the Experts – Outsource Customer Support



Check out these 30 Customer Service Tips straight from the experts! Find out how you can make your business grow by finding a great customer service team.



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